As I Scrolled Through These 45 Photos, One Thing Became Very Clear. And Everyone Should See It.

The world isn’t always fair. In fact, there are many, many times when it’s unfair and it feels like other people are out to get you. That’s why it’s important to remember the positive parts of life when you can. Take, for example, these random acts of kindness.

Complete strangers helped each other out for no reason other than to be good people. This is the sort of kindness that really renews your faith in the world and other people. As you scroll through these, it’ll become very clear that the world isn’t the bad place some people try to make it out to be…

Penny for your thoughts?
Rando Calrisian says:

The postman notes were highly inappropriate and borderline stalking. Hi there, you are a beautiful person i have watched you many times as i walk the neighbourhood.

D says:

Radical!! Thank you for organizing and posting these. They are just what I and many of us need in this world to uplift our spirits in the face of so much woe and constant onslaught of negative news pr.

Thx! Keep it up!! 😀

Me says:

I hope people take note that a couple of these people were Muslim and therefore shows that not all Muslims are bad – only the people who kill using Gods name are bad. I’m a Christian and know there have been bad Christians over the years but no one tells us to get out or for Christianity to be banned. Remember these guys if you ever think bad of a Muslim.

MIke W says:

I cried, because I have little opportunity myself to help others.

Alex says:

This absolutely made my day. Seeing people do this, challenges me as a person and makes me evaluate whether or not I am a good person. There is some good out there, it’s just a shame you have to look hard to find it.

rebkaylex says:

I am a young mother. A few years ago I took my daughter out for dinner as a rare treat. When we finished our meal, the waitress told me that there was an elderly woman that paid for my meal. It made me cry and I wish that the woman would have stuck around so I could thank her.

Ben Tuttle says:

I had something like this happen to me. I had just gotten out of work, and was about ready to get into my vehicle, when I noticed a napkin with a message on it on the door handle. Apparently my front right tire was almost completely flat and I hadn’t realized it. That random person saved me from what could have turned into a horrible accident.

anna hazey says:

My brother was dying in a 3rd world country after being macheted in his sleep and there were simply no planes available for an airvac. We were told he would not make the night and the airport closed. At 11.00pm they re-opened an entire airport and a plane came from Singapore, the pilots and nurses had just finished a double shift and had knocked off but they heard about us and as exhausted as they were they came to save my brother by bringing him safely home to Australian soil. They saved his life. You don’t get kinder than that. The pilot even ordered me to eat his dinner!

patsy martin says:

i enjoyed reading this stories about these kind people,,i would like to see more ramdom acts of kindness for anyone, this would be a good thing for inmates in jail or prison to be made to watch a few of these a day. i would give my coat or sweater to some lady that was cold and didnt have a sweater,,please keep showing this on face book, im sure it may help someone who reads this to help others.

Allan Muir says:

Hahaha! These are all really wonderful and inspiring – except possibly the first . . . How did the people who lost their car key leave the note about the missing car key inside the car? (Unless of course the car was unlocked – but not very likely) I suspect the parking official got duped. ;o)

Camilla says:

love it so much ! so inspiring and needed! need to to save these and see them more often :)

Anthony H says:

Coming home one day I passed a black lady who’s car stopped and she was blocking traffic. I turned around and went back. I asked a white man painting a building to help me push that lady’s car and he joined me. A white police officer parked his car and blocked traffic and got out and Helped us push the lady’s car out of traffic onto a parking lot of a dry cleaners which was closed for the day. The lady asked if here car would be towed away if she left it there. The white police officer assured her the car would be safe and would not be towed away. Other motorist drove around us and the parked police car. The white painter went on his way across the street. The told the white police officer I would give the black lady a ride to her destination. I was only two blocks from my home and she needed to get to her job so I took her there a couple of miles. She was hurting and told me she had the car less than three months and it had a warranty. She had other problems with the car also but said she made it to work on time. These two white people one a police officer and the other a painter stopped to help Me a black man help a stranded black female motorist in a desperate time of need. I think this act of Kindness qualifies for mentioning here on this site for ALL to read and know people from Around the world do Care. This happened in a St.Louis Missouri suburb two weeks ago and I saw this article Today Monday October 20th 2014. There has been much unrest locally because of the shooting death of unarmed 18 year old black Michael Brown by a white police officer in Ferguson Missouri which is not to far away from here. We are ALL human beings and at times We All care.

Ben says:

Hey thanks. Great stuff. I appreciate you sharing this. This is helping me open my heart.


Love it!

Vonda Porter says:

You made my day.

sean says:

don’t pour water in your eyes or anyone elses eyes after teargas – you are just going to make it worse, milk is much better

Minerva says:

I cried like a giant baby, it brings warmth to my hearth knowing there are good people out there

Mel says:

These random acts of kindness are beautiful.I’m going to do theone with some money in sn envelope treating someone to a little treat tomorrow :-)

laurenorder says:

the one with the copgiving the homeless man shoes made the papers a while back, because the guy passed the man and saw he wasent wearing the shoesand asked why and the homeless guy said he couldnt because he was afraid he’d be mugged and hurt by other hobos for his shoes while sleeping

Gordon Simms says:

The photo’s show that there are many kind people around

Sw33tbay says:

I can’t get through this page without crying. Omg. I m half way through, but it is wonderful that people did all of the nice things but we are still eating meat. LOL.

Alice says:

Number 33 almost made me cry. So inspiring.

Ally says:

Well that made me sob happy tears.

Natalie says:

First off all of these pictures are filled with the few honest and pure people in this world. I’m so happy that these people exist, for our world would be even more selfish than it is now without them reminding us there is good in everyone. My favorite is #35 because that man puts the right thing to do above all, even over his own needs for survival. I myself would have a hard time doing what he did, and now admire him for his selflessness. He stands with everyone on this gallery as role models and we could all learn from them. My conclusion: From the tiny acts of kindness to the giant acts of generosity, you can influence someone’s life at any moment. Don’t waste it.

Carol says:

After wiping tears and blowing my nose I resolved to be vigilant for opportunities to share kindness.

Carol says:

Certainly lovely to see the kind & thoughtful side of people

Stranger says:

A lot of people commenting compared these stories to the harsh and fear-inducing news stories that normally spew into the public’s mind.
I think there should be a regularly-aired news station devoted to only positive stories!! Maybe someone reading this with the right amount of power can make this happen.
Who wants to watch nothing but war and brutalities. How about good deeds, people surviving, and positive changes in this cold world! I think it would perpetuate positive behaviour in those who watch it.
Peace and Love!

Kim says:

I think that’s a wonderful idea! Most news just focuses on the bad and the ugly and leaves people feeling helpless and angry. I’d love to see what would happen with a station that focused only on the good and the uplifting. People need that. It’s good for the soul.

Emily says:

I was a beneficiary of one of those random acts of kindness a few years ago. My father had died suddenly, and I was frantic to get a flight home. One thing after another had me getting to the airport late, and I was so distraught that when I finally got on the concourse I kept looking at the airport monitor for my final destination city rather than my transfer city. Since I was looking for the wrong city, I couldn’t find a gate, so I ended up rushing up to all the Southwest gates at Dulles airport to see if I could find my flight. I felt like I was in a nightmare! By the time my shocky brain figured out how to find my gate, it was 10 minutes past the departure time and the gate was closed, but the plane hadn’t yet pulled away. The attendant told me, in a tone that suggested I was seriously out of luck, that it was up to the pilot’s discretion whether to re-open the airplane’s doors after they had been closed, but he would check. When the pilot opened the doors and let me board, that moment of kindness was like a balm over the grief and pain that let me pull myself together for what lay ahead.

Brooke says:

I am a waitress. getting off of work late one night a father approached me at the drug store with his child and said he needed some money to pay for his kids prescription. I gave him 20 dollars and he wanted to figure a way to pay it back. All I said was next time, Pay it forward.
A month later I was stranded at a gas station with my 3 kids, digging through my car for change to just try to make it home on my empty tank. A stranger came up and told me he already paid for my gas inside the store. He filled my tank! My point… sometimes kindness comes back.

Joe says:

It’s an US Marine that feeds the bunny. No army guy wears od green with a high and tight.

Abraham says:

The expression on the woman’s face whose cat was being handed to her by the fireman that had saved it from a fire – made me burst out in tears.

Yes. Pay it forward.

Makes you feel good inside to know there are so many caring people. They really are
everywhere, but so often we never notice their good deeds, and many don’t want us to
notice. May all of us do more to pay it forward. Ellie McKinley

Dave Olliver says:

There are only three important things in life: “The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind.” William James, philosopher

MartySimms says:

# 32. Boy helps girl with leukemia brought a tear to my eye.

Sianez says:

This list made me so happy I cried, just a question, i’m on tumblr and I know theres no way to share it on there, but i’d like to, would you mind if I posted it up on there and linked it back to this page? I feel like it might at least make someone smile on there too, even if it was just one person :)

ShareAfterReading says:

Absolutely! :)

Z says:

Why do these always make me cry like a baby?
I’m a grown man, maybe it’s that I don’t see enough of this in my world.

J says:

I’m crying me eye out too!

Nancy says:

In the end, only kindness matters.

lorraine says:

Them random acts of kindness are so beautiful to see I wish everyone could do just 1 act to a complete stranger the world would be a better place to live in x

TThor says:

Yeah – pay it forward. The world will be a better place!

gill says:

My daughter has been paying it forward, after her daughter had a brain tumour removed, and then she contracted cancer herself. My daughter brushed aside her own illness to concentrate looking after my 11 year old granddaughter, and they were so grateful and overwhelmed by the doctors, nurses and other hospital staff who treated them so well, and with great compassion, that they are now paying it forward, giving talks at events to raise awareness and funds for cancer research. So far they have helped to raised many thousands of dollars. I am so proud of them both.

Nancy Benedetti says:

Humanity at its very best is heartwarming and beautiful beyond belief

JP Mahony / The Thinker says:

I love my people… ‘sniff’…

Daryll Kars says:

With all the bad we se on the news it makes me happy to see our basic human compassion is still intacted.
These stories made me cry from the beauty of the spirit behind them. Wonderful.

Only Me says:

I needed this today like a dose of medicine. Thank you.

Robin says:

Whoever tear gassed that dog should be in a momentous amount of pain.

Mike says:

You mean the person that brought the dog to the protest right….

annikins says:

I think the dog was where people we’re tear gassed, he wasn’t the target of the tear gas.

tina m.ray says:


Nyssa says:

I was in Seattle at pikes place waiting to cross the road when i noticed there was a man crossing the street when walking away from me. He was walking diagonally across the street heading right into traffic just as I noticed that he had a walking stick and was completely blind a cab driver jumped out of his car at a green light and helped the man across the street. It was like the most amazing act of kindness i had ever seen.

Tierza Hayes says:

It made me happy to see Bagel Jesus again.